Unluckiest Day Evah

Today sucked. It sucked big time. It was one of those days when you think that things couldn't possibly get any worse and, moments later - poof! - something worse happens. I swear, some force out there has a grudge on me. Seriously, I had so many unlucky accidents today that I'm going to warn you that this post will be a dashboard clogger. And I'll also apologize beforehand since this will probably just be a giant wall of text for those who really don't give a damn - which is everybody. Now... my rant *bows*

The day started off with a bang. And not of the good kind. It rained early this morning. The rain was no problem at all. In fact, I practically jumped for joy when the first drops of rain hit the ground. Rain = No flag ceremony. So, it was just a few minutes before first period would start and me and three other classmates of mine went to the C.R. Long story short - the journey to the girls' room was epic xDD - we went to the CR and got back in our classroom safe and sound. Now, the four of us clustered in our usual circle. I was sitting in my real seat, just staring off into space, sometimes laughing at my friends' antics. But then... I stood up, that's when things took a turn for the worse. I stood up but felt like I stepped on something. So I looked at my seat and, lo and behold, a really thin, really nasty, really creepy (literally) vine thing tangled itself on the legs of my chair.

Unfortunately, it wasn't a vine. A few milliseconds later, I realized that the thing curling itself on my seat looked an awful lot like a plastic snake. There I was, wondering who would pull such a prank, when I realized that the 'toy' snake's tongue was flicking in and out repeatedly and its head was moving. Yes, it was a real snake. A FREAKING SNAKE. I sat on a chair that had a SNAKE coiled on the legs of the chair and I didn't realize it til I stood up. No one noticed it. AT ALL. I pointed out the 'real' snake and all hell broke lose. God knows what would have happened if I didn't stand. *shudders* 

Everything went downhill from then on.

We had our Computer subject as the first subject in the afternoon and we were required to go to the Comp lab. It was Monday, do-nothing-day, as our teacher coolly announced a few months back, and we were doing nothing. But at around the middle of our period, a classmate of mine, who went to the classroom to get a tissue, sat near me and a few other classmates and told us that someone stole from her wallet. Someone took 200 pesos from her wallet. I felt a little panicky since I left my wallet in my bag (my skirt pocket is too small). I had a bad feeling. So when we returned to our room a few minutes later, I quickly fished my wallet out of my bag and checked my wallet. I, too, was robbed. Someone took 300 pesos from my wallet. And it was my week's allowance too. T^T

Then, as if one face-to-face encounter with my phobia wasn't enough, a classmate of mine spotted another snake hiding near the bags of my other classmates. That snake was a smaller, thinner, and younger version of the day's earlier snake. Again, hell broke lose.

On Mondays, we have our CAT. So when I left for school earlier today, I brought along with me my CAT uniform which was another bag to carry along with two other heavy bags. Our CAT is scheduled on the end of the day. So after TLE, we quickly changed to our CAT uniform. We changed inside the Elementary department's CR since the HS CR was filled. When we went back to our room, our MAPEH teacher (and CAT instructor) was in our room, holding a book, and discussing rather than waiting for us outside and barking orders at us. Basically, we changed into our CAT uniform for nothing.

Just when I thought my crappy day was over, the rotten cherry was dipped on top of the cake. I know I'm basically just whining now but please allow me too. I'm being paranoid and high-tempered but I just have to add this last bit of unluckiness. We - my siblings and I - were fetched late today. We got home at around six p.m. already. Classes ended at five. Just when I had about a dozen homeworks to do. How could things get any worse?

Tumblr is being a stubborn little ********************************** again. I finished my AP assignment early just to Tumblr and blog about my freakin day and now some douchebag is telling me that "We'll (tumblr) be back shortly. We're working quickly to recover from an issue in one of our database clusters.  We're incredibly sorry for the inconvenience."  

Oh for the love of all things good and decent, WTF?!

2010 : A Review

No, not a review about a book entitled ‘2010’ (is there such a book?). This post is more or less my review of the year 2010. It’s a little early, December still has a few more weeks to go, I know. But with all the stuff that our school is planning, I’m not sure I could blog like this for a while. Not til Christmas break anyway. So, here goes nothing.

2010 went by in a slow flash. It wasn’t like 2009, which went by in a real flash. I could still remember the first day of school, what I wore that day, what we did in class that day, and how we were told to evacuate our classroom to another room (which was the room beside the faculty) two days later. Summer of 2010 was also pretty eventful, but I’ll talk about that later.

Mostly, the school year of 2010 was different from the other school years I’ve experienced. Of course it would be. We are graduating high school, after all. The teachers have been unloading a lot of stuff (not good stuff, mind you) on us and the cassava cake has been bountiful this year. Nagparamdam na si THESIS. Our TLE subject is literally kicking our arses. And our class adviser is almost a stranger to us now. She must have gotten tired of actually giving a damn. I don’t blame her. In fact, her current state right now is impressive.

Summer of 2010 has been, as I said before, eventful. We went to a lot of beach resorts. Luckily, I wasn’t burnt into a crisp this year… unlike a few years ago. I’m still seeing the effects of that year today. Actually, I don’t remember much about this year’s summer other than going to beach resorts. No memory stands out. I guess 2010’s summer was just like any other year’s.

I’ve read a lot of books this year. That’s something I’m truly proud of. And what’s more is that I’ve even written one (ONE!) short story this year. For someone like me - procrastinator extraordinaire - that’s a big deal. And boy is it ever! But when there’s good news, there’s also the ever-so accompanying and loyal bad news. My love for fanfiction has deteriorated. My last visit to FF.Net was last, last, last, last, last month. I stopped writing - or actually brainstorming - fanfiction a month before the month I stopped visiting FF.Net. Was it because of school? Life? I don’t know. I didn’t even realize that I no longer opened a tab and typed the address ‘’ anymore. WTF happened? T^T I’ve been a fanfiction reader and fan for four years and all of a sudden, poof, my love for it is gone? That’s madness!

For the first time in years, I actually enjoyed this year’s sem break. I manage to do most of the things I set out to do rather than procrastinate and lie around in bed all day. What a change of pace! I read a lot of books this year’s sem break than I could ever imagine. My Tumblr was really active then. Life was good. But then November 3 came and everything went downhill since then.

2010 was the year I met Tumblr. At first, I felt nothing but indifference to Tumblr. It was okay but I liked LJ more back then. Tumblr was more… convenient than LJ, which was why, I think, I stayed in Tumblr even when my dash would contain the same thing for days and days. But during sem break (another reason why I heart this year’s sem break) I discovered the awesomeness that is Tumblr. I enjoyed the endless scrolling, the constant long reblogs, the lulzy pictures, and the funny pie charts. It was fun. But then… well, November 3 again. 

2010 is also our last year as HS students. I don’t know whether to jump for joy or to weep. Everything’s going by way too fast. In three more months, I’ll be wearing the black toga and receive the graduation certificate on stage (hopefully). Then, I’d be saying goodbye forever to the school I’ve practically lived in for seven years. Then… the ever intimidating college years would be set out before me. So yeah, I have mixed feelings about it. A part of me wants to graduate and leave high school already but another part of me wishes for a bit more time until we graduate. Though, the latter part is pretty tiny and quiet.

In a nutshell, 2010 was a very bittersweet year. The excitement of finally graduating from high school; the pressures of being a graduating student; the endless laughs whenever the teacher isn’t around; the stunning silence whenever our adviser or teacher would reprimand us; the Tumblr nights that seem to go on forever; the morning after when my eyes would beg for more sleep; the books that were pure awesome; the should-never-have-been-published books that I wanted to throw against the wall; the OF one-shots I’ve been (and still am) writing; the fanfics that I’ve neglected - 2010 was one strangely awesome year. Loved it, hated it, wanted it to go by sooner, I think 2010 was the perfect year to end high school.


RETREAT Batch 2010 - 2011

I just got back home from our retreat and boy do I ever miss our computer. I slept for about four hours last night, woke up at six and took a cold, cold bath, and, somewhat miraculously, survived the five hour session - and yet I don’t feel the least bit sleepy. xDD So… Computer overload time! Srsly, I was absent in Tumblr for one day and now my middle finger is feeling sore from all the scrolling down I did.

Anywho, our retreat was pretty enjoyable. Okay, we felt a little disappointed after we first saw the retreat house we were going to stay in - Santo Nino (I don’t know how to type an enye) Spirituality Center at Consolacion. But that’s only because the teachers raised our expectations so much. Maybe it was just to ‘punk’ us or maybe it was because their definition of ‘beautiful’ involves weird architecture (the place looked like a giant modern art sculpture) and unpainted walls. Though I think the walls looked like the way they did to suit the style of the building/s. It wasn’t what we expected but… the place was undoubtedly beautiful in its own way. Plus, the view from up there was pure awesomeness. Absolutely breathtaking. The hills, the trees, the sky looked so surreal. It was as if they were just painted there instead of actually being there. I wish I brought a camera with me back then :(

The activities we had at our retreat were kind of fun. I liked the Make Your Dreams/Kite Fly and Soar High, wherein we made a kite out of Japanese paper in one hour and had to get it to fly. Unfortunately, the entire class - except for one - wasn’t able to make a decent kite let alone fly one. Us = EPIC FAIL. Only one classmate got his kite to fly. And it was really unexpected since the said classmate is… somewhat a joker and stuff. But even though no one expected him to get his kite to fly, he was the only one in class who wasn’t on the EPIC FAIL boat. His kite flew so high that it looked like a really small diagonal piece of paper stuck on a blue canvas i.e. the sky. But in the end, the kite’s thread snapped and it flew away. Hehe, good bye S’s DREAMS.

After the kite-making and kite-flying we had a small sharing and then we had dinner. Dinner made most of the girls mad. Why? The boys and their oh-too-huge appetites, that’s why. We watched ANAK after the frustrating dinner. It was a really beautiful and touching movie. I watched Anak when I was younger but I seemed to have forgotten most of the scenes and the general plotline. Anak was really amazing. Why aren’t directors nowadays making movies like that anymore? All they make are predictable romance movies and not-really-scary-at-all horror movies. Ugh, I’m starting to rant. *steams*

We finished our first day session at around 11 p.m. After completing our evening rituals, we went to sleep early since breakfast the next day would be at seven and the session would start at eight… *laughs* As if that was even possible. No. Actually, we stayed up til four or five a.m. and ate snacks and went ghost hunting, and talked as if we hadn’t seen each other in ages. At least that’s what the others did. I was out for the count at around 1 a.m. What? I like to sleep. Besides, I didn’t want to have to keep on pinching myself in order to stay awake for the rest of the day.

Sleeping on a bed that wasn’t mine and at a room that wasn’t at home felt weird. There were a few times when I half woke up and was on a sleepy daze where I wondered why the hell the pillow I was hugging was so small and smelled different and why wasn’t I covered from head to foot with my blanket. Then I’d hear the boisterous laughter of my classmates and the munching of snacks and it would all come back to me.

The next day, which was earlier today, was very emotional. I won’t go into detail but I will say that by the end of the retreat/session we were all hugging each other with teary-eyes.

As the facilitator (Fr. Rich) said, You (we) are Fourth Years. You’ve spent four years together, and now you’ve only got four months left with each other. Four is a significant number to you now. Spend the next four months wisely.

On a side note, SCHOOL!! By that I mean that we have regular classes tomorrow. WTF? Don’t we get at least one day of rest? Well, at least we’ll have half-day classes tomorrow since the teacher’s will head to the same retreat house and have their retreat. It would be better for both sides if the school just didn’t have classes tomorrow. le sigh.


Chosen: a House Of Night novel

I finished reading Chosen sometime last week. I finished it really late in the evening. It was around eleven o’clock and I had classes the next day but for some reason or other, I wanted to finish reading it. Like, now. No, NAO. I read like there was no tomorrow and managed to obtain my goal. After reading it, I wanted to post something like a review of Chosen but I decided to put it off for tomorrow - like a true procrastinator. ‘Tomorrow’ got me busy so I put it off again for the day after tomorrow. Then, again, that ‘tomorrow’ became the day after and so on and so forth until I forgot about it. But now, I have some free time and I actually remember my promise to write a review or something about Chosen. So, here we go.


Chosen is the third book of the series. Honestly, not much happens here. There’s a string of events but the overall plot seemed missing. The main character, Zoey Redbird, didn’t change at all. She was still the same ol’ whiny Mary Sue. ‘Woe is me, my birthday is the day before Christmas. People give me gifts that are Christmas-y but not birthday-y. Ooh, pearl necklace. Wait… it’s snowman shaped? WOE IS ME!’ I wanted to slap her during that scene. And a few other scenes too.

This book’s ‘romance’ was really amped to a whole new level. Guess who lost her virginity to a ‘hot and sexy’ professor? I’ll give you a hint: she’s not a slut (ho) but she dry humped her somewhat ex-bf at a public park, she is super speshul despite her ability to annoy the hell out of me, she contradicts herself constantly, she substitutes sh*t with poopie (what’s her substitute for f*ck? copulation?), and her name rhymes with baloney. If you’ve answered Zoey Redbird, you’re absolutely right. If not, wtf? So yeah, Zoey’s no longer a virgin. THE WORLD IS GOING TO END! lol. If anyone’s been counting, Zoey has three love interests / boyfriends: Erik, Heath (whom I hate with a passion), and, the professor who spilled his seed on Zoey’s sacred ground, Loren Blake. Don’t worry, Zoey feels totally feeling guilty when her Loren’s tongue is inside her mouth or when she’s making out and groping with Erik or when she’s on top of Heath whilst drinking his blood and pleasuring themselves that she has three guys who think that they’re the only man in her life. Yeah, Zo, that’s totally not ho-ish at all.

The part that I enjoyed the most was when Loren and Zoey did the deed. No, not because I’m a pervert (the scene was Breaking Dawn-ized anyway, everything faded to black after the clothes were torn off). I enjoyed that part because it played a major part in the book’s so-called plot. Zoey’s no longer Imprinted with Heath since she made a much stronger Imprint with Loren. It was the epitome of Zoey’s hypocrisy. And, my favorite among favorites, Erik walked in on them after they finished, put two and two together, and broke up with Zoey. Erik even called Zoey the s-word. Totally called for. xDD

But one thing kind of bothers me. When Erik broke up with Zoey, for good reasons, Erik did a personality 360. He became what Zoey fanatics would claim as an ass. Erik was no longer the calm, collected, good guy who never swore. He went berserk and called Zoey something that she claims not to be. He even told Zoey’s circle of friends about it. What ever happened to the Erik that was madly in love with Zoey? The one that could never even think of anything bad about Zoey? I understand that Erik felt betrayed but even if that’s the case wouldn’t he try to stay calm and keep the fact that Zoey slept with Loren a secret or something? Smooth move Casts. Make Erik, the betrayed bf, an a-hole in order for Zoey to gain sympathy from the readers. The Casts literally made Erik the villain and Zoey the victim. Nice.

Chosen was no better than the other two books. But it was fast paced and was an easy read so I enjoyed it. I’m a sucker for an easy read.



Abecedarian - primary, beginner, elementary

Ma’am V. One of the things that I miss about our previous English teacher concerns this word. Whenever Ma’am V would feel that the lesson is too easy - I know, right? - she’d skip it and move on with another topic. I remember her familiar voice saying ‘It’s too abecedarian. Too elementary. There’s no need for me to discuss this.’ Admittedly, we’d mimic her high-pitched voice whenever she wasn’t around and utter the same words sarcastically, really meaning that the lesson was too hard and hating her for her overestimation of us. We’d mimic her overly energetic actions, her slang, her little nicknames for us; we’d get mad at her for giving us projects that are annoyingly difficult, we’d hate her for her favoritism for the Fourth Years before us, we’d despise her because she seems to want us to make fools of ourselves in front of many people… but even through all that, we (or at least I) had to admit that she was the best teacher and class adviser we ever had.

We miss you Ma’am V - or Miss J, as she likes to be called since Ma’am sounds old xDD I wish you would come back. English seems so much more fun with you. Plus, your lessons never make me and a few other students sleepy. Though, you always did like to roam around and call our names randomly while discussing so it’s hard to feel sleepy.

P.S. I never knew that this *gestures to the title* was how abecedarian was spelled. I thought it was abiscidarian. Ah, Ms J.


Another Manic Monday

Weekends should be longer. Two days isn’t enough to compensate for the five days of endless brainwashing learning! *sigh* Okay, I’ll say it for the nth time already. I HATE MONDAYS! It’s the beginning of another dreadful school week and most teachers (and students) are cranky on Mondays, at least that’s what I think. Then there’s the whole flag ceremony thing that we seniors almost always lead. Though, admittedly, a few months back, the juniors were always the ones leading the flag ceremony so I guess it’s somewhat fair that it’d be our turn to lead the FC. But I wish my other classmates would actually come to school early on Monday so that the usual group (which unfortunately involves me) won’t be the only ones to lead it. I’m always the one to lead the opening prayer >__< Thank god my stuttering has quieted down a bit. At least I hope it did.

This coming Monday will be a little different. Not good different. Horrible different. Well, not entirely anyway. This Monday will be the first day of the three-day Monthly Exams. Ugh, what a pain. Thankfully, we won’t have Values and A.P. tomorrow so I think we’ll only have Math and Science. The first day’s schedule is something like this: AP, Values & Math. Our Science teacher decided to have our exams tomorrow because our retreat will be on this upcoming Wednesday, which I’ll talk about later.

Our TLE teacher also said that we’d have our test on Monday but I’m not so sure. We have TLE on Monday but, apparently, the teachers will have a meeting on Monday afternoon. Specifically on three o’clock onwards. TLE will be our second to the last subject, meaning our TLE will be at… three o’clock! So sir can’t possibly let us take the exam! But… our TLE teacher is a little unpredictable - if not mean - so I don’t know what stunt he’ll try to pull or if he’d just drop it and let us be. I sure hope sir will choose the latter.

I’ve already mentioned this on my previous text post but I’ll say it again anyway since I’m so gosh-darned giddy about it. Our retreat will be on Wednesday! Yay!! Two days away from home, school, and probably civilization xDD I can’t wait for it. I bet the teachers can’t wait for it too. Our English teacher even told us that the teachers are praying that us Seniors will change for the better after the retreat. When we heard this, we looked at each other for a while and LOLed. Srsly, it would take a miracle for Class San-D - I mean - the Fourth years to change for the better. Our carefree and we-do-what-we-want mentality is so calloused that it would take an inhumanly strong and striking facilitator to break through it. Okay, technically, the whole Fourth year class isn’t like that. There are others that are pretty disciplined and good. Like me xDDDDDD Though, honestly, there are a lot more Fourth years that are undisciplined and… well, not bad, but not good either. I too share the wish of the teachers. I wish that our class would improve after the retreat.


Absolute Fear… is getting absolutely ridiculous

Currently, I am reading Absolute Fear by Lisa Jackson. I haven’t finished reading it yet - I haven’t even read half of it - but I’d like to rant a few things concerning the plot and characters of the book. Whoever is reading this and is also currently reading Absolute Fear, heed this warning: there will be spoilers.

My first concern is the characters of the book. Cole, the protagonist’s (Eve) ex-boyfriend who allegedly tried to kill Eve at the beginning of the story, is an idiot. He’s a really big idiot. But you know what? Eve actually thinks of him as a smart man. Plus, he’s a freaking lawyer. A good freaking lawyer, apparently. Let me explain. After Eve accused Cole for trying to kill her, Cole was sent to prison. But due to Eve’s loss of memory concerning the night of the attempted murder and some weak evidence, Cole was released. At the first day of his regained freedom, Cole received a call from Eve’s dad. The message? I’ve got evidence. Now, I don’t know about you but if I’d hear that from the father of the woman I was accused of trying to kill, I would think twice before going to the father’s house. I mean, c’mon, if I’d go then I’d seem guilty since there would evidence hwas involved. If I was innocent, I’d show it by not going to the house since I’d know that there’s no evidence in the first place. Cole is innocent, as what his POV suggests. But for no particular reason, he goes to the old man’s house. He doesn’t even have a good reason why he went there. Just the fact that the man called him and left a sketchy message. Oh, and did I mention that it was the middle of the night. Geez, could he do a better job of looking guilty? He claims he’s doing his best to avoid suspicion and yet he’s visiting the father of the woman he tried to kill, making it look like he’s going to kill the old man.

But that’s not all. So he’s at the father’s house, banging on the door but receiving no response. He finds the door unlocked and goes inside. Lo and behold, the old man’s throat is slit and he’s dead. Cole panics a little. Just a little tidbit, there was no sympathy for the old man that we get from Cole’s POV. He just stand’s there, terrorized for a moment. But then… he realizes he’s being set up. All thoughts of the old man - who was once a client of Cole’s - and the fact that he’s dead disappears almost immediately. Cole desperately tries to save his own arse. He does call 911 though. But he hangs up when he realizes his stupidity. An innocent person will look guilty if he calls for an ambulance and the police! Cole steals the old man’s laptop for some reason, erases his foot prints, finger prints, and gets the hell out of the house. Cole knows that the police - who hates his guts - will identify his voice with the one who called for 911 but he flees anyway. He does realize that he looks even more suspicious if he leaves, right? If he is innocent then he’d have no reason to erase all signs of his visit and leave before the coppers show up. What kind of murderer would stay and call for 911 after killing someone, anyway? Stupid, stupid. You know what’s worse? Cole is fully convinced that leaving the scene of the crime was the best course of action there was to take at the time. Okay, I get that he doesn’t want to go back to jail and that the police will arrest him for even the smallest offense, but really, Cole could have just explained the situation, prove his story, and et cetera? Cole is an idiot.

Then there’s Eve, the woman that two men are lusting for for some reason. One of the men is Cole, BTW. Eve, a psychologist, is also an idiot. Why? Remember the laptop that Cole stole from the old man? Well, Cole got paranoid and wanted to hide the laptop. Where does he hide it? The secluded woods? Under his mattress? Nope, Eve’s abandoned home. Unfortunately, Eve moved back into her house that day so the house wasn’t so abandoned anymore. Anywho, Eve hears someone banging on her door in the middle of the night, so she grabs an empty rifle and goes to check things out. She sees Cole. The believable thing for a victim to do when she sees the man who tried to kill her would be to scream like crazy. But Eve, who was paranoid - did I mention that? the book keeps on repeating it - calmly asks what the hell he was doing there. Cole loudly explains some suspicious things and a light turns on at Eve’s neighbor’s house. Now, Eve doesn’t want to be the subject of gossip and such so she let’s Cole in because clearly her safety is nothing compared to gossip. Eve just let the man who she believed tried to kill her inside her home, her gun is empty and Cole was obviously much stronger than her. But hey, at least the neighbors won’t know about it. Cole then proceeds to tell Eve that her father’s dead. Yeah Cole, that is so not suspicious. Eve asks why he knows this and Cole explains his story. He was actually saying the truth, but the truth sounded like bullshit and any sane person would assume that Cole was lying and covering up the fact that he killed the old man. His shirt was even covered in blood! And yet… Eve believed Cole’s story. Why? Because Cole was a smart man, he’d never do something so stupid. Yeah, keep telling yourselves that.

The whole thing is ridiculously unbelievable. In fact, it’s kind of pissing me off. I think Miss Jackson got lazy and stopped bothering to think whether or not the actions her characters are taking are logical or not. She can get away with stuff like that if her characters were total idiots. But she repeatedly brags how smart Cole and Eve are and how sensible they are. And on a side note, the book is way to sexed up. We get it, Eve’s hot and the killer gets aroused every time he thinks of her. I’m only on page 100-something and there’s already too much sex scenes and obscenity. This is reminding me of the Amber Room. Lisa Jackson was trying way too hard on this book.


Thank God It's Friday!

<rant> This week... there are no proper words to describe it but afjkdlsgfsrhgposn. Sem break has weakened me. Weakened me deeply. Every day of this week, after waking up from the crying of the damned alarm clock, one thought always fills my mind: I don't want to go to school. Yes, yes, I know. What kind of student doesn't think that way after waking up from a really good sleep? Even before sem break began I always thought of just not caring anymore and not go to school. But this time, it's different. I really lost all my energy - even a tinnie tiny drop - for school. Scratch that, for anything. Sometimes I don't want to sleep because it's so darn tiring... even when I'm exhausted in the first place. My laziness just reached a whole new level. Gah, and just when I told myself that I'd work hard this grading period! </rant>

Okay, I'm done ranting. *breathes* This week was undoubtedly tiring yet uneventful. Other than the giving of cards last Wednesday, nothing really happened at school this week. Quizzes, seat works, assignments, the disciplinarian of the HS department reprimanding us because of our too laid back attitude and lack of discipline - the usual. Maybe that's why I've lost my will to go to school, nothing other than ordinary and mundane events ever happen. I guess I'm bored. Though I'm not saying that school got any easier, mind you; all I'm saying is that it would be nice if something would happen. Something good, preferably. I'm so demanding XD

Well, anyway, I've already said it in this post's title but I'll say it again anyway, THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!


John Grisham I am Disappoint

Okay, so I’ve been reading (quote, reading) John Grisham’s A Time to Kill. I started last August, I think, and now I’m currently on page 397. The book has 515 pages all in all. So, yeah, I’ve conquered almost the entire book, only a thin bundle of pages is unread, and still the oh-so-anticipated case of Carl Lee - the somewhat minor protagonist, but I’m really not sure anymore - has yet to begun. And I really don’t know why. They’re still picking the freaking jury! What the hell? Why does John Grisham have to dilly dally so much? It’s like he wrote everything - including the really annoying unimportant crap that I forget a few chapters later - just to make the book thick and intimidating. And, as I said a few entries back, I have yet to read anything slightly exciting - like what the back cover suggested - or interesting. Man, if not for the whole rape and racism thing, I would’ve drop the book like it had the plague and move on to a better book. The racism is leaving a really bitter taste in my mouth and the sexism is pissing me off. Damn you, Jake and the rest of Ford County.

I should also mention that Jake Brigance and Carl Lee Hailey are both douche bags. Srsly. I hate them both, which is saying something since rarely do I ever hate fictional characters - in books anyway - with a passion this strong. Rather than feeling sympathetic to Carl Lee, I want him dead. I srsly want him to get the death penalty. And I want Jake and his prissy little lawyer’s arse to be gassed too.

I guess my friend was right, you should read A Time to Kill when you have A Time to Kill. xDD See what I did there? Haha, I hate it. But I hate it even more to not finish a book. Especially a book that’s practically pushing you away, almost snobbing you with its arrogance. No, I will not back down to this challenge. I vowed to finish the book and finish it I shall. Though, nowadays, I really don’t have A Time to Kill (xDDDD) and my schedule is pretty tight. And by that, I mean I have other books to read that I actually want to read. Hunger Games, for one. Suzanne Collins, you are the awesomeness. So… I’ll just take a little break from the book that shall not be named for a while. It can wait. The trial is probably lasts for two or three by the way things are playing now. Geez, how long could do Jake’s team have to bitch about having a horrible draw and stuff like that anyway? It gets annoying after a few hundred pages.

John Grisham fans, I’m sorry if I offended you with this post. I don’t mean that John Grisham is a horrible writer, it’s just that he’s written better works than this disaster. Hell, A Time To Kill is probably an epic fail because it’s his first novel. It does take a person a few tries to actually get something right, eh?